Ever since its formation, the Icelerate has come to be recognized in many different avatars. The fact is that we are a full services technology company that offers the entire spectrum of technology and outsources solutions. Icelerate is dedicated to helping organizations address their most vital business challenges. By partnering with our clients we ensure that the clients leverage the power of information technology for better and more efficient processes while lowering costs to maximize the return on the investment on technology. So it’s not surprising that we have experienced explosive growth in the past years and continue to expand with multiple locations in US and international markets.

At the heart of our success is our collaborative approach. Most often our clients come to us with specific needs in mind. We make it our mission to sit down with our clients and listen to what they want, and make sure their needs are met. We take on projects, strong in our belief that the many years of experience and expertise have given us the knack to pull the proverbial ‘rabbit out of the hat’. It is very little we haven’t seen, so we know instinctively, what needs to be done and how.

We like to draw the distinction between just completing a job and putting that extra effort in to ensure it is done properly. What helps our cause is that we are a fun loving bunch, but take our job seriously. We love what we do, and it shows in our work. This coming together of like minded people is what gives us an edge and puts us many knacks ahead of our competition.

Core Values

In all of our business dealings, we adhere to the following Core Values:

Trust, integrity, and professionalism will be inherent in all business dealings.
Icelerate will deal with all staff, clients, associates, and suppliers with respect and fairness at all times.
The Icelerate will strive to provide continuous value to our customers.
Will make our workplace a place to enjoy, by ensuring creativity, challenge, excitement, and empowerment to our staff.
Icelerate will be a good corporate citizen of the community in all of our related activities.

Operating Principles

To achieve our vision we are focused on the following three operating principles:

Delight our customer – To deliver the best consulting services to our clients by being excellent in our areas of expertise
Empower our employees – To be the best employer for our people through the creation of a progressive culture, providing creative opportunities, rewarding performance, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth
Continually improve – To develop and nurture long term relationships with our clients who view us as providing significant and sustainable value