Niche Technology Focus

At the very core of what we do is our Niche Technology focus. We focus on cutting edge, market leading, best of breed technologies so that our customers can rest assured of a solution that truly meets their needs. Whether it be Content Management, Business Intelligence or Big Data or any of our other areas of competency, we never loose sight of this.

Future Bent Of Mind

We are big on the future. The technology that will truly transform the way we live is either in its infancy or yet to be invented, and so we spend a considerable amount working with technologies that someday will be the next relvoltuion. As part of our R&D efforts, we work have done POC’s in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Internet Of Things.

Expertise, Expertise, Expertise

Do you know why most technology projects fail, go over budget or run behind schedule. Because vendors under estimate the level of expertise needed and throw head count at complex problems. We don’t. Our focus on building competency goes hand in hand with our Niche Technology focus. We hire the best, so that you don’t have to be left looking for answers.